Aren’t you recruitment professionals?  No matter..

At a time when everything is falling apart, when moral values have become obsolete.

Many of us are now saying it: Trust is dead, forgotten.

So how do you select the DJ you won’t even think about once you’re engaged? Yes, because for you it will be settled, you will have found the right person.

It is thought that when you get married: The DJ is still important.

I, with my feet in the sand:

You don’t know many people in the region in which you have decided to celebrate your union. Your caterers don’t communicate on the DJ station and you therefore decide like most people who get married to go fishing for the rare pearl on the web.

And now PAF! You come across wedding.meschaussettesdeski and discover dozens of dj’s in 3 mouse clicks superbly highlighted.

The more you pay, the more you are valued and superbly rated. This vector is not reliable and is destined to disappear.

So how do we do it? Crossing all the dj’s of creation? Certainly not, that’s putting pressure on yourself, especially since too many choices kill the choice or, otherwise, good courage because there are more and more of them every day, especially in Toulouse.

Just try to make two or three appointments over a period of time. Short preferably: Two to three weeks maximum. Because it can go very fast and it could well be that you didn’t have time to meet the 3rd so that already the 1st one is no longer available whereas it was perhaps the best pickaxe.

Let me be clear: Good dj’s don’t run around the streets.

Préparer sa rencontre avec le Dj:

What follows is a simple approach, a draft of real values that are found in the right people in the profession.

Obviously, this will not fit everyone.

These are simple basics that you don’t necessarily think about when you prepare an interview.

The golden rule is to be able to step back, remain cool and have a questionnaire on each interview and enough to write down your impressions when you are ready.

People retain 30% of an interview because the universe of the wedding dance evening is not theirs and when you don’t notice anything you forget.

It is therefore likely that the last one to speak was right and thus won the pompom.

In the best of worlds I hope for your sake that you will not have selected him for his more than advantageous price in order to be able to offer you a candy bar, there it is really dramatic.

Ca se passe par ici.


Being a DJ specialized on a wedding reception is synonymous with adaptability and experience, you are not in a bar or a fair…

This also implies having specialized and varied knowledge but also knowing how to use turntables and therefore knowing how to mix what is only the case for 20% of the profession.

Competent DJs are rare, as are lazy people (bad horses).

To increase your chances of success, skip the commercial sites offering the first page to a service provider for the modest sum of 2000€ and at the same time those who come there. Use word of mouth.

I want the same party.

It is not possible to reproduce the same evening schedule from one organization to another, especially if the schedule you have in mind is that of a public institution.

Each reception has its own success factors and the human has and will always have the last word.

That’s why you need a concrete organization and a DJ solid in his head and well in his pumps.

Humility, adaptability.

The best way to wallow is to think in advance that it is winning. It’s distracting and presumptuous.

Pointed playing is almost a need for many guys who have ground but a real dj in the very specific context of the wedding reception does not mix for him or rarely.

He listens, observes his audience… and adapts.

Be careful.

No one has the science infused and I don’t believe in oracles. So caution and reflection.

The day before a performance, a DJ must sleep. It is more than just a rule or even a simple lifestyle rule. In other words, do not accumulate benefits too much.
Here’s another one: Always judge a race at its end.

It’s a question of philosophy.

Involvement of the DJ:

To make this evening a success is to make it a success… Let it be festive in its entirety while coping with the idea that its organisers have made up their minds about it beforehand, but also, let the guests take great pleasure in it by dancing and listening to music that makes them feel good.

Discretion, know-how:

The microphone animation has become outdated, old-fashioned and it suits me very well.

Before I became an officer at wedding receptions, I had another life in the entertainment business.

I know how to use the microphone, but sobriety, discretion and restraint are the key words.

That’s why everything is played with 2 decks, a mixer, a good musical selection, banana and know-how.

The dj who understood this took a big step….

Cordiality, patience and tolerance increase the chances of success.

It is certainly logical but being really numerous to question me on the subject, I confirm to you that having a good relationship and showing a real flexibility, a good exchange with your guests is the b a ba of the dj…

Mutual trust and confidence

I mainly work with healthy organizers (no drugs), responsible, empathetic, open-minded and having real moral values of rare pearls in a way. Their guests are often in their image. This avoids many problems.

Psychotropic drugs and other substances have no place in these organizations.

So, you now have some basics to recruit your DJ.

Now let’s talk about you and how you are likely to experience this encounter:

A DJ if he is a pro, will not have as a priority to seduce others on a meeting interview no it will not be his priority.

He will inform you of the pitfalls to avoid.


Being a DJ on a wedding organization is a position of responsibility and requires to remain detached, cool to be able to easily take a step back on the organizers and their organization.

A wedding is still a great day, it’s a timeless moment often filled with magic. It is the moment that touches everyone ( or almost) and brings out the best in everyone ( or almost)…
To conclude:

A DJ receives you, gives you time and wants your good and if he likes his job, is touched by your mutual commitment.

Therefore, the least you can do is to keep him informed in a timely manner of your decision, whatever it may be.

To meditate on. Yours sincerely, D. Vincent