Sounding the ceremony is essential, so that the speakers are understood by all.

Some officiants are equipped with a portable sound system.

The quality of this type of device is often less good than a professional sound system.

Involving the DJ in the ceremony allows a good management of the music launch.

This has a justified cost and many providers charge for this option.

Another option is to install a good quality speaker wired to a smartphone managed by one of the witnesses will do just as well. Think about it…

BASIC formula ( Without technician).

A powerful amplified speaker on stand and equipped with a microphone wire will be installed and made available to you.

A micro jack cable will be connected to it so that one of your witnesses or relatives can connect one: ( PC, Mac or smartphone Mp3 player) and this in order to send the songs corresponding to the intro and outro of the ceremony

PREMIUM formula (Technician included)

You will have a technician at your disposal. This person will manage the sending of the music at the times determined in advance by driving.

For technical reasons, the secular ceremony must take place on the same site as the Cocktail, meal and dance evening.
Its location must be as close as possible to a power supply.

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Technical advice:

Provide a non-alcoholic refreshment bar in the vicinity of the ceremon

Think of a  B plan in case of bad weather and a solution to soak up water on the chairs in case of a microstorm in the hour before…

Depending on the period and in the event of a heat wave, it is prudent to propose a shelter solution for the elderly.

If your ceremony is to be held under pines or coniferous trees, consider checking that they are not in the middle of a sap period.

(Very fluid by strong heat and settling on the chairs, hair and costumes of the guests)