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You organize your own wedding reception or a private party in the Toulouse area…In the high Garonne?

In search of the DJ who is in phase with your couple, your moral values.

This DJ will simplify your life and help you make the right choices while adapting to your needs and desires. He will also master the « current » codes of the wedding dance evening.

You are looking for this flexible and discreet DJ, who will give you this feeling of security, peace of mind necessary for the smooth running of your organization.

A disc jockey with a real education (in short, one that looks like you) in order to be sure that his behaviour fits your family and guests and above all that they will be well considered…

An efficient DJ, present without being intrusive… Knowing how to really mix and listening enough to constantly adapt to his audience.

An experienced, empathetic and sharing DJ.

A transparent DJ on the musical programming and playlists that will be played in your wedding reception.

In short: The DJ able to provide « the service », appropriate to your desires…

For a dance evening that has panache and a wedding that we remember…
It’s happening here….

Enjoy your visit 🙂

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